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Full Circle

As many business owners know.. you start from small beginnings. You have an idea one day and well, it’s just that… and you don’t know if it’ll ever be more than that.

For me, about 7 years ago during my wedding planning, it was to make the process in finding a beauty vendor easy and stress-free. I couldn’t find what I wanted to service me, so I figured I couldn’t be the only one. Enter my wedding photographer, Keith, with the assist. You see, he didn’t realize it, but when he started asking me after the wedding about what I used for skin and makeup products, I had now idea the importance of this conversation. He talked about how his editing for our photos took less time, and knew that good skin and good products had everything to do with that. Not only was he speaking my language, but lets face it… We had hired him because he’s the best so to get the insight for the other side of the camera was invaluable.

Well, I’ll spare you the whole long story, but what started that day was a journey I never foresaw…and here we areĀ  years later and guess who we finally got to work with a few weeks ago…YEP, OUR MAIN MAN KEITH! Talk about how life brings you full circle! Start something with the goal to be the best you can, and you end up right back with the best!! We were approached about a styled shoot and through the course of events, here he comes on board! Here’s few first shots of our first of many future collaborations, planned by Tara Jones of Simply Southern Weddings and Events and for the new Mambo Room venue in Norfolk!

makeup by Susanne and hair by Markia


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