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1) How much time in advance should I book my beauty services?

We recommend that once you have your date and location secured, you begin thinking about Beauty services. While we have a large team, there are many dates that are heavily requested. The sooner you book, the sooner you can lock in our most local Artists to you, and prevent travel fees, ensure we have the right products on hand for you, as well as have all the proper quantities of products delivered in time to service and gift to your party.  Also, should you have a large party that may require multiple artists it is much easier to coordinate availability. We work on a first booked first served basis. If booking a month or less from your wedding date (fully completed paperwork and deposit paid), please note this a) voids our guarantee to pair you with the closest Artists, b) your Artists and trial will be subject to our availability and c) voids our guarantee for product availability for your normally included touch up kit as well as products for the party.

2) What is required to book my date?

In order to reserve your Artist(s), we need our Skin Questionnaire, Information Sheet, Contract and Terms& Conditions, all completed and returned with a client photo and deposit. The deposit is the full price of the Bride’s chosen package + (travel fee if applicable). We will not begin scheduling until all items are received. We require only confirmation of the Bride’s services at this time. We do not need confirmation on the bridal party numbers- chances are, they aren’t even thinking about this yet. Once you’ve had your trial, and you are happy, we find the rest of the party will usually jump on board to be serviced as well! We will confirm their numbers one month ahead of the wedding day.  Additional info can be found in the Terms & Conditions sent to you. If confirmed numbers for the party are provided or changed within one month from the event, product gifts for them are not guaranteed and we cannot be held responsible.

3) Do you have any required minimum number of people to be serviced?

No, we have no minimums. Even if it is only the Bride being prepped, it’s still HER day and we are honored to be a part of it!

4) Do you require a trial?

YES- we absolutely will not service weddings without a trial. We prefer your anxiety be at a minimum as well as that of our Artists. The trial provides for time to get to know each other and cover so much information in preparation of the wedding day. The trial will not be scheduled around other people’s ability to attend since they are not permitted in the area for multiple safety and sanitary reasons. If, in the very rare case of filling in for another Artist, or an emergency booking, we *may* waive a trial but a signed emergency contract addendum will be required. Trials may most likely be scheduled on weeknights or Sundays since Saturdays are pretty full during wedding season!

5) Do you require BOTH makeup and hair to be done?

Do we recommend it?? YES! Please note that although we will do one service, we prefer to do both. When you use our team for both services, it ensures cohesiveness and a higher overall standard of service. We know how to work with each other since we do it multiple times a weekend for many weekends of the year. If you are considering having another Artist (only another licensed professional), such as your regular Stylist, provide one service for you, please keep the following things in mind. If the other person doesn’t do weddings on a regular basis, their time management skills, as well as the final work product, may differ from ours. We are not liable for their timing, or any delays they may incur at any time, even the wedding day. Our team has been featured on numerous wedding blogs, as well as won Wedding Wire Awards, therefore we have a high quality work standard to uphold. If you have opted for another professional to handle a service, please notify us ahead of time so that we can collaborate. Please provide their website. If we are not notified at the time of booking (even if artists are there and only in same room to prep someone else) a collaboration fee of $100 will be charged. PLEASE BE AWARE: We do not guarantee the ability to schedule a trial for our Artist at the same time as someone not on our team. We cannot run the risk of a non-professional and unsanitary environment, timeline issues, or poor quality final look of others impacting our timeline and standards, therefore, if the person doing the other service is NOT a licensed professional (i.e. a family friend with no makeup or hair business) we must charge a $50 fee. In these situations, our Artists have always had to fix something and therefore, our Artists will be able to do a final review of your look and they will be compensated via this fee for the time that is taken to do so. Any attempt for someone else in the room to prep other party members in our workspace on the wedding day, will incur the above- identified collaboration fee.

6) “Why should I hire a team to prep me? I’m pretty good at doing my own makeup/hair.”

We strongly advise that someone who wishes to hire us be aware that our Artists are well trained professionals who not only are good at makeup and hair, but also know other things like color theory, how and what makeup looks like in photographs vs. reality, professional vs. brand name products, HD readiness, why hair needs more volume or product for a humid and/or long wedding day, and other technical skills that the average person does not know. We want to make sure you are ready for such an experience and input. If you are typically a non-makeup user or have trouble with skin extremely sensitive to the touch, we ask that you consider whether or not you are truly open to working with a professional.  We do not wish to put our Artists in an uncomfortable position where they are hired but questioned with every step they take. This tends to distract the Artist, waste time, and delay you getting to your event, causing frustration on both sides. Please be aware that if you are hiring our team, this is our confirmation that you trust our skill, guidance in all situations, and ability to bring your vision to life. You will need to let the Artists work without question or assessment of their skills while actually working. You can communicate with them once done or ask about any possible changes later in the process. If you have strong feelings about a particular look, please have a photo handy upon arrival of the trial and be prepared to discuss clearly what it is you like about that look, so we know.

7) If I book for the day of (with trial included), does that ensure I have the same Artists both days?

Yes- by booking our Bridal packages, this guarantees the Artists you are paired with are reserved for your trial as well as your wedding day. *Please note that your travel fees will be calculated based on the Artist(s) distance to your trial and wedding locations. We try to keep this to a minimum and schedule the closest Artists but in the case of a full calendar, last minute booking, and/or lack of specific addresses provided at time of booking, we will calculate and add any additional incurred fees to the final invoice provided before event*

7) After booking, what should I expect in terms of communication and how often?

While we book well ahead for many wedding dates, we normally begin more detailed communication at a maximum 5 month pre- wedding date window to provide a better timeline of the next steps, starting with some trial date and time options to you. If anticipated work or leisure travel may complicate scheduling, or you feel better just getting a date further in advance on the calendar to plan around, please simply bring this to our attention. We know periods of time awaiting further communication can create worry for organized brides (we’ve heard the horror stories too)! You have our personal guarantee that we strive to bring you no further stress and we are always reviewing and balancing the needs and most importantly, timelines of our wonderful clients as best we can. Coordinating the Artist’s many work and family schedules, and within your desired parameters, can take some time (and we make sure they get some family/work balance so they can be their very best for you), so we always appreciate your patience. In addition, Kara (the owner) is currently the only one handling scheduling and correspondence, so your patience will DEFINITELY be appreciated by her! Ha! Your trial will typically occur about 6 to 8 weeks ahead of the wedding date (unless a last minute booking or special circumstances like a bride coming into town only on planned dates). This guarantees many wedding details are in place before the trial because they guide us toward a look that is cohesive with your vision.  In addition, by now a fairly detailed timeline for the day should be in place, preventing confusion with major changing details.  Within one month of the big day look for a final preparation document, confirmation of numbers and timeline, and a final invoice for any remaining balances.

8) What time will my Artist(s) arrive on my wedding day?

Your wedding day timeline is usually solidified at the time of your trial, since that is when we figure out how long everything should take. Please note that our timeline should be properly verified by the Bride or Planner to align with other vendors. That is not our responsibility to plan with others.

Any other questions that we haven’t covered above, please contact us!