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COMMON QUESTIONS BEFORE BOOKING (please scroll down for additional questions if already booked): 

How much time in advance should I book my beauty services?

We recommend that once you have your date and location secured, you begin planning for Beauty services. Many dates are heavily requested and advanced planning can ensure proper staffing and prevent travel fees.

What is required to book my date?

To reserve your services, we need all paperwork returned with a photo and deposit. We do not begin scheduling until all items are received. We are unique among beauty vendors and require only confirmation of Bridal services at this time, with no need for confirmed bridal party numbers until 2 months out from the wedding.

Do you have any required minimum number of people to be serviced?

We have no minimum services required for booking. We only have a wedding day minimum balance, so if only the bride needs servicing, we simply add an automatic gratuity to meet that balance.  We like offering choices and not turning anyone away for a small, intimate service that we are honored to be a part of!

Do you require a preview appointment?

NO they are not required but YES they are strongly recommended! We prefer everyone’s anxiety be at a minimum and the preview provides time to get to know each other in preparation of the wedding day. Preparation information is provided in advance of that appointment. We offer options with and without preview included.

Do you require BOTH makeup and hair to be done?

Do we recommend it?? YES! Although we will do one service, we prefer to do both to ensure cohesiveness and a higher overall standard of service. If you are considering having another Artist (only another licensed professional), such as your regular Stylist, provide a service for you, please advise. If we are not notified at the time of booking a collaboration fee of $100 will be charged.

“Why should I hire a team to prep me? I’m pretty good at doing my own makeup/hair.”

Our Artists are well trained professionals who not only are good at makeup and hair, but also know color theory, how and what makeup looks like in photographs vs. reality, professional vs. brand name products, HD readiness, why hair needs more volume or product for a humid and/or long wedding day, and other technical skills the average person does not know. We want to make sure you are ready for such an experience and input. If you are typically a non-makeup user or have trouble with skin extremely sensitive to the touch, consider whether or not you are truly open to working with a professional.  Hiring our team is our confirmation that you trust our skill, guidance in all situations, and ability to bring your vision to life.

If I book a service package with preview included, do I have the same Artists both days?

Yes- our Bridal packages guarantees your Artists are reserved for your preview as well as your wedding day.

After booking, what should I expect in terms of communication and how often?

While we book well ahead for many wedding dates, detailed planning begins no earlier than 4 months out. Previews are normally scheduled to occur within 8 weeks of your date (unless there are special circumstances like a bride living out of town or work travel that impacts scheduling, in which case we can plan for earlier). All final day-of information is completed/ provided within the final month!

What time will my Artist(s) arrive on my wedding day?

Your wedding day timeline is solidified within the final month!





What is my next step? 

You will receive communication introducing your artists no earlier than 4 months prior to your wedding.  The artists will schedule your preview session at a convenient time within 8 weeks before your wedding (unless some other special circumstance requires a need to plan earlier).

Who will be my artists? 

We choose your artists based on several factors: availability, proximity to your location to keep travel at minimum (if any), personality, needs, and taking into account any special requests you’ve made. All our artists are experienced professionals and will work with you to assure your vision.

When will I have a preview of my look? 

After your introduction to your artists, they will provide date and time options to choose from based around the availability you provided on your paperwork.

Can I  send pictures of what I want? 

Again once you are introduced to your artists, if you haven’t already done so, you will be asked to send a picture of yourself without makeup and any inspiration pictures of makeup and hair styles you like.

When do I need to let you know if members of my party/family want services? 

This is not necessary until about 45 days out. At that time, we’ll send final confirmation documents with instructions to firm up all remaining details!

Do you do makeup/hair for moms? 

We absolutely do makeup and hair for moms and grandmoms.  We send an assessment for them at the prior mentioned 45 day out time frame, that allows us to personalize their service and make them comfortable.  Through the years we have worked with women of all ages, with all conditions, including cancer treatments.

Do you do makeup/hair for flower girls? 

We can gladly apply light makeup (just to enhance their appearance in front of an audience) and style their hair. They love being a part of the fun! This can be added at the 45 day out time frame when we send final confirmation documents!

Do you have services for the groom and groomsmen? 

Services include hair styling and/ or grooming (hair and beard grooming, skin enhancement for redness or shininess), and checking of collars, jackets, and boutonnieres for the Groom and even all other male members of the party. These also can be added on the final confirmation documents sent at 45 days out.

Do my artists stay for touchups? 

Normally no- your makeup and hair are meant to have longevity for your day. If it’s particularly hot or you simply prefer, touchup hours can be added (pending the Artist’s availability) at an hourly rate that begins within 30 min of the scheduled wedding day completion time. The touchup rate is $100/hr/Artist.

Are false eyelashes and/or extensions included? 

Since not all clients want them, these are paid add-ons you can opt for.  We do choose these items as not all brands are the same quality.  Please be prepared to discuss these options with your artists at your trial if desired.

When is money due? 

Any other services besides what was covered in your deposit, will be included in a final invoice within the final month. The invoice will have a due date (past which interest is incurred) and all accepted payment methods will be clearly identified in the accompanying email.

When do we discuss/receive the final timeline? 

The final confirmations documents we send you to complete will request the information needed in order to put together all of our final documents. Our final documents will include our final invoice, contact info for all parties and the final timeline/service order.