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1) How much time in advance should I book my beauty services?

We recommend that once you have your date and location secured, you begin planning for Beauty services. Many dates are heavily requested and advanced planning can ensure proper staffing and prevent travel fees.

2) What is required to book my date?

To reserve your services, we need all completed paperwork returned with a photo and deposit. We do not begin scheduling until all items are received. We are unique among beauty vendors in that we require only confirmation of Bridal services at this time, with no need for confirmed bridal party numbers until 2 months out from the wedding.

3) Do you have any required minimum number of people to be serviced?

No, we have no minimum service numbers. It’s still HER day and we are honored to be a part of it!

4) Do you require a trial?

NO they are not required but YES they are strongly recommended! We prefer everyone’s anxiety be at a minimum and the trial provides for time to get to know each other in preparation of the wedding day. Trial preparation information is provided to you at a later time in order to help you best prepare!

5) Do you require BOTH makeup and hair to be done?

Do we recommend it?? YES! Please note that although we will do one service, we prefer to do both to ensure cohesiveness and a higher overall standard of service. If you are considering having another Artist (only another licensed professional), such as your regular Stylist, provide one service for you, please advise. If we are not notified at the time of booking a collaboration fee of $100 will be charged.

6) “Why should I hire a team to prep me? I’m pretty good at doing my own makeup/hair.”

Our Artists are well trained professionals who not only are good at makeup and hair, but also know color theory, how and what makeup looks like in photographs vs. reality, professional vs. brand name products, HD readiness, why hair needs more volume or product for a humid and/or long wedding day, and other technical skills the average person does not know. We want to make sure you are ready for such an experience and input. If you are typically a non-makeup user or have trouble with skin extremely sensitive to the touch, consider whether or not you are truly open to working with a professional.  Hiring our team is our confirmation that you trust our skill, guidance in all situations, and ability to bring your vision to life.

7) If I book for the day of (with trial included), does that ensure I have the same Artists both days?

Yes- our Bridal packages guarantees your Artists are reserved for your trial as well as your wedding day.

7) After booking, what should I expect in terms of communication and how often?

While we book well ahead for many wedding dates, we normally begin more detailed communication no earlier than 5 months out to provide a better timeline of the next steps, starting with trial planning. If anticipated travel may complicate scheduling, or you feel better just getting a date further in advance on the calendar to plan around, please let us know. Trial will typically occur 6 to 8 weeks out (unless a last minute booking or special circumstances like a bride coming into town only on planned dates). All final information is completed/ provided within the final month!

8) What time will my Artist(s) arrive on my wedding day?

Your wedding day timeline is solidified within the final month!

Any other questions that we haven’t covered above, please contact us!