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We can service Men too!

Many men work outside and/or smoke. These factors impact skin health, and you can see the results in up-close photos and in real life. A Skin Analysis is just as important for your guy. If he loves a simple bar of soap, it’s ok! Best Face Artists strive to improve upon, and not drastically change, already existing habits by recommending and providing more efficient product solutions.

We can’t count the number of times a couple has come to us at a bridal show, and before long, the Groom-to- be is mentally in a far off land. We can’t blame him. He doesn’t need to hear about Lip Gloss, BUT, he has skin too! Grooming isn’t off limits for the Groom! We can give him a men’s facial, or a hair trim on the big day so your Groom looks just as polished as you do! We also can oversee the groomsmen, checking to make sure ties are straightened, shirts are tucked in, and not a blemish in sight. Ladies- we’re your eyes and ears on the big day.

We can also provide a full line of high performance Men’s skin care products, which the ladies in your life will appreciate!

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