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Proper Preparation Prevents Problems!

Bridal beauty blogs and websites suggest NOW is the time to start taking better care of your skin. Best Face Forward Artists not only believe in Bridal beauty, but EVERYDAY natural beauty, which heavily impacts your preparation for a special event. It is important a bride learn proper everyday habits for skin care and makeup for her specific skin type and lifestyle and maintain them. Our Artists perform a detailed assessment of your habits and current regimen of products that guides us throughout our relationship with you.

You may have a well-meaning friend who recommends a facial at a spa. While it sounds enticing, some skin types do not respond positively to a generic facial. If you have sensitivities or conditions such as rosacea, any skin care service should be carefully evaluated. To ensure the best skin care product recommendations for you, Best Face Artists perform a personalized skin analysis. Using a machine with specialized UV-A lamps to illuminate your skin below the surface, we can determine your skin type and any existing conditions. We then develop a custom skin care program with products specifically created for your skin type.

The same goes for makeup and hair… not all products are made alike and just because it works for your friend, it may not be best for you. Our assessments and services can encompass skin care, makeup, and/or hair. Whatever you want to learn about, we can help you. Begin your education by visiting our CONTACT page!