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Men’s Grooming- Gaining in Popularity

This very busy spring, we’ve seen an increase in curiousity and requests for Men’s Grooming services


Best Face Forward is proud to offer the most services for both sexes, so that everyone feels and looks their best. We’ve (Susie and Kara) often thought that while a wedding day of course is important for a bride, her groom is in those photos that you look at forever too. I really believe that roles have played an important part in the common stereotypical thought processes that the girls “go through all this effort to get ready” as is often said, and that guys “just show up.” I (Kara) literally remember being told that numerous times in my wedding planning process, and I remember every time thinking “well, Jo wants to like how he looks in the photos too probably!”

So, leading up to our wedding day, thanks to our family business’ partnership with our often highlighted Artistry partner brand, we had access to our Artistry MEN products too, which Jo used every day in order to maintain great skin on his end as well! People to this day still are almost surprised that he cared so much. But why??? Don’t men deserve to care about how they look without that being selfish?

Our wedding day and our experiences and our thoughts as to how we work with other people for their weddings, truly has impacted every day of business since then. When I say we’ve been in your shoes, it’s the truth! It’s been great to meet so many more brides who think like I did and want to ensure their Groom feels special too.  That brings us to today…


As I mentioned, we are the leading provider for options for all party participants. For our couples, here are the Groom/ Groom’s Party service choices:

Wedding Day Skin Preparation: Facial using Men’s products to improve skin texture, reduce dryness and redness. The regimen used will ensure no shininess and artist will cover-up blemishes/redness.

Wedding Day (*select one*) On-Site Hair Styling: Custom request based amount of hair.

Men’s Party Wedding Day Experience: Make sure they look perfect too! A BFF Artist will check in on the Groom/his party and conduct a pre-ceremony review including: making sure shirts are tucked in, ties are straight, boutonnieres are pinned, checking Groom’s breath, checking all teeth, checking for/ having cologne on hand if needed, no random hair is out of place, etc.


If you visit our pages this week, you will also see we are working on a project to update photos for Men’s Grooming, so if you know a sharp male who is looking to make a change and improve their skin health, contact us for details on how they can help!


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