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I’m sure many people may read through this section and wonder, why? Here are some great questions about WHY men should use proper skin care.

What’s the benefit of a skin care regimen?
A properly formulated skin care regimen — like the three-step Artistry Men process — will leave your skin in optimal condition. Clean and protected skin feels and looks healthier.

What are the basic steps in a good skin care regimen?
Taking care of your skin is easy. The three basic steps of a good skin care regimen are cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin. Men generally add shaving to this routine.

Why shouldn’t I clean my face with soap?
Some soaps are too harsh — actually removing the necessary oils and lipids that aid in skin moisture retention.

My face gets bumps all the time after shaving. What causes this?
Daily shaving irritates skin and sometimes causes little red bumps (folliculitis) on the face and neck. Another condition (pseudofolliculitis barbae) primarily affects black men. This condition happens when curly beard hairs are cut too short and they curve back into the skin and cause irritation and red bumps.

Can people with sensitive skin use Artistry Men?
Yes, the Artistry Men products were all tested on men with sensitive skin. But, no skin care product can guarantee that it will be 100% irritation free for everyone. All Artistry Men products are thoroughly tested for skin compatibility and safety, but there are always a small number of people sensitive to certain ingredients. If you experience continued sensitivity, discontinue use of the product.

When and in which order should I use Artistry Men’s skin care products:
Artistry Men Gentle Face Wash
Artistry Men Smooth Shave Foam
Artistry Men Post Shave Toner
Artistry Men Serum Concentrate
Artistry Men Facial Moisturizer

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